If You Haven’t Made GDPR Adjustments To Your Website, Read This NOW!

Last year, the General Data Protection Rule went into effect. This year, analysts predict, fines will rain down on non-compliant websites and apps. Are you set? Why Do American Businesses Need To Follow GDPR Standards? Yes, the GDPR is an EU law. However, the majority of stateside businesses must heed its demands. Why? Because most […]

Will the GDPR Invite More Cryptocurrency Theft and Fraud?

Will the newly enacted General Protection Data Rule (GDPR) “negatively impact the overall security of the Internet and inadvertently aid cyber criminals”? Some industry analysts think so. But are they right? Let’s take a quick look at the issue. How may the GDPR negatively affect the cryptocurrency scene? A fortune’s worth of Ripple, Ethereum and […]

Are You GDPR Compliant?

Update: An Austrian lawyer has already filed 8 million dollars’ worth of GDPR lawsuits against “global platforms.” If you haven’t made GDPR changes to your website, give us a call today! It’s here! The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation is officially the law of the land. Stateside websites and apps that allow EU and […]

GDPR News: Does Facebook Plan To Cheat An Upcoming Online Privacy Law?

Well, well, well — if reports prove accurate, it looks like Facebook may be absconding with some data before the GDPR hammer lands next month. It’s a bold move considering that Mark Zuckerberg recently spent several days administering mea culpas to federal lawmakers. Facebook’s Latest Faux Pas? According to reports, Facebook is transferring profile data […]

Twitter Swiped Left on Grindr’s Vague Privacy Policy

Twitter suspended mobile dating app Grindr from its ad platform after the Norwegian Consumer Council (NCC) accused the app of allegedly passing private user data to advertisers without proper consent, breaking GDPR rules. Watchdog Investigation Gets Grindr Booted Off Twitter Ad Platform Over Privacy Concerns The NCC examined 10 apps and found Grindr especially problematic. […]

3 Legal Considerations for Every E-commerce Business

Media outlets may be focused on the emerging cryptocurrency and esports markets, but let’s not forget about e-commerce. Profits are climbing and e-commerce legal considerations are mounting. E-commerce Legal Considerations: Credit Card Fraud E-commerce is as common as social media, and the number of associated scams is on the rise. Industry analysts predict that online […]

Online Privacy News: Facebook Says It’s Changing Direction. Can It?

Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement about “sweeping changes” at Facebook splashed across media feeds yesterday. According to Menlo Park’s famous chief executive, the company is shifting focus. For over a decade, it’s helped users broadcast information to large groups of people. But after some high-profile hiccups, Facebook now wants to be a place where users create small […]

Does My Website Need A Privacy Policy? And Other Digital Privacy Laws

Even though the United States doesn’t have a federal, all-encompassing online privacy law, state and international statutes still apply. Online Privacy Laws Depending on location, industry, and business model, digital privacy laws apply. Adherence qualifications vary business to business, but there are a handful of laws to which the majority of stateside companies must adhere. […]

Ecommerce Law

Ecommerce Lawyer If you sell, market, or promote anything online, ecommerce law compliance is a must. Our team of experienced ecommerce lawyers will help you maximize profits while complying with state, federal, and international laws. SCHEDULE MY CONSULTATION Meet our ecommerce law attorneys Andrew Gordon President; Tax Attorney & CPA View Profile > Michael Brandwein […]