Online Business Law: What You Need To Know About The Consumer Review Fairness Act

Two years after lawmakers green lit the Consumer Review Fairness Act, FTC commissioners are using it to charge a company for allegedly rigging online reviews. The related case is a great reminder about the potential dangers of manipulating customer feedback. What Is The Consumer Review Fairness Act? Back in 2016, to curb frivolous online defamation […]

Beauty Brand Busted for Employee Product Reviews

Can employees post product reviews? As online marketing attorneys, we hear the question a lot — but the answer isn’t simple. Disclosures, in most circumstances, typically suffice. But what you can’t do is coach employees to write and post fake reviews.  A Beauty company, Sunday Riley, learned this lesson the hard way. The Scandal: Sunday […]

TINA Goes After Ryan’s Toy Review. Don’t Let it Happen to You!

The Federal Trade Commission may ground popular kidfluencer Ryan Kaji. TINA, a consumer activist group, reported YouTube sensation Ryan’s Toys Review to the Federal Trade Commission for online marketing violations. The group worries about his young viewership’s ability to comprehend disclaimers. What should other kidfluencer management teams take from the conflict? Could the case trigger […]

California’s New Online Sales Tax: What Online Sellers Need to Know

California has a set of new online sales tax standards. All businesses with an e-commerce arm should familiarize themselves with the new law. Questions? Get in touch. We’ll walk you through it. South Dakota v. Wayfair: The New Age of Online Sales Tax Last year, the Supreme Court of the United States handed down a […]

The Legal Low Down on Paid Reviews

The e-commerce market is fueled by consumer reviews. Reportedly, 90 percent of shoppers consume feedback before deciding to buy or pass. Considering those stats, it’s little wonder that fake reviews are big business. Unfortunately, some sellers say that fraudulent feedback has caused their sales to plummet up to 60 percent. The situation has reached cut-throat […]

E-commerce Law: Mastercard’s New Policies Will Likely Affect Your Online Retail Operation. Are You Prepared?

Mastercard updated its policies. Any business that offers “free trial” or “negative option” billing will likely need to adjust their checkout procedures. Mastercard’s Online Checkout Policy Change When does the new policy take effect? April 12, 2019 Who will it affect? Any business that offers a trial period or recurring billing option must adhere to […]

Can I Pay Influencers to Post Negative Reviews?

Can you pay influencers to trash competitors? The short answer: No. The long answer: Case details matter. Let’s take a look at three scenarios. Online Review Legalities Scenario #1: Influencer Gets Money or Products To Trash A Competing Brand Word on the curb is that brands are shelling out upwards of $70,000 to high-end social […]