Is The Opportunity Zone Program On The Chopping Block?

The Treasury Department’s deputy inspector has opened an investigation into the Opportunity Zone program. Let’s take a look. What is the Opportunity Zone Program? Before we dive into the Opportunity Zone investigation, let’s quickly recap the program. As part of the 2017 tax overhaul, lawmakers added a tax deferment option known as the Opportunity Zone […]

Opportunity Zone Program Gets Update From The Federal Government

The United States Treasury Department updated the Opportunity Zone program. The new parameters make it easier for investors to participate. What is the Opportunity Zone Program? Politicians developed the Opportunity Zone program in 2017. Conceived as a win-win proposition, the “OZ” program funnels investment capital into economically distressed areas while providing a legal tax shelter […]

Cannabis Companies and the Opportunity Zone Program: What’s the Deal?

Investors love the new Opportunity Zone (OZ) program, which allows for the diversion of capital gains into developing communities in exchange for significant tax breaks. But confusion about project qualification parameters lingers. For example: Can you invest in cannabis-related Opportunity Zone projects? Are they even allowed? It’s not an easy question to answer since state […]

Investment Law News: Incredible Illinois Investment Opportunity

The Treasury Department released more information about the “Opportunity Zone” project. Lawmakers hope it will revitalize distressed regions across the country — and give ethical investors an attractive tax break option. A relatively straightforward and common sense program, the government will waive substantial taxes for qualifying businesses that move into designated areas. Though the bill’s […]

Cryptocurrency Tax Reduction Strategy: Investing in Opportunity Act

What do you get when two senators — one each from the left and right — and a fabled tech billionaire put their heads together? Answer: a federal tax-reduction initiative called the Investing in Opportunity Act, which could go a long way in improving underdeveloped areas, while also providing an incredible tax break for cryptocurrency […]

Tax Law

Tax Lawyers in Chicago, IL Eliminate Your Stress with the Help of an Experienced Tax Attorney! Stressed over taxes? Our award-winning tax lawyers are here to relieve the tension, handle the situation, and minimize your tax burden. If the IRS is breathing down your neck, we’ll build you the best defense possible and be a […]

5 Legal Considerations for Your Illinois Startup

It’s time to get your Illinois startup off the ground. So let’s look at five legal considerations with which you need to familiarize yourself.  Formal Business Registration Makes a Big Difference A lot of startups don’t register their companies, and it’s a mistake. Formal registration, like  forming an LLC with your state, affords you certain […]

Here’s How To Eradicate Capital Gains Tax Burden: OZ Program

Have you heard about the new way to eliminate capital gains taxes while helping under-served communities revitalize? It’s called the Qualified Opportunity Zone (OZ) program. What is the Opportunity Zone Program? Policy makers conceived of the OZ program as a win-win proposition that would give individuals and businesses a way to reduce tax burdens while […]

3 Tips from a Cryptocurrency Tax Accountant and Lawyer

Crypto taxes are a high priority for the IRS this year. Currently, authorities treat token holdings like property subject to capital gains and losses, similar to real estate, bonds, and stocks. With that in mind, let’s examine a few crypto-related tax tips. If you want to develop a tailored tax plan — which leverages compliant […]