Gordon Law puts a stop to those harming your brand name.

As the internet has grown even more popular around the world, so too does the risk of having one’s business reputation harmed through the internet. We have an extensive amount of experience assisting companies with online brand protection, which includes putting a stop to:

  • Phishing
  • Fake Blogs
  • Fake Reviews
  • Fake News Articles
  • Fake Press Releases
  • Online Identity Theft
  • Improper Use of Brand Names
  • The Sale of Counterfeit Products
  • Protected Brand Names Used Within Domains
  • Paid Search Campaigns Using Protected Terms
  • Using Social Media to Portray Being a Part of Your Brand

Many of our clients face the aforementioned problems, seeking our assistance to help protect their business’ reputations online. While the digital world presents even more danger than what’s depicted here, we know what it takes to monitor and ensure the prohibition of activities that can ultimately affect the way that your brand is looked at by consumers online. We not only help our clients put a stop to illegitimate activities, but we also consult with them to help implement strategies that could prevent this sort of problem from happening in the first place.

Our thorough knowledge of domain policies, social networking policies, and online laws ensures that we do nothing but produce results for the brands that enlist us to provide them with our ability and processes.  The results that we continue to produce are not easily achieved by any means, and we have spent several years being immersed in the world of internet marketing. This has provided us with the opportunity to fully understand and stay on top of the latest tactics used by “cyber pirates”.