Email marketing is a very profitable avenue in the world of affiliate marketing. However, each email that is found to not be in compliance with CAN SPAM laws is subject to a penalty of up to $16,000.

While there are affiliates and merchants that see $16,000 as pocket change, just picture if you got hit with that penalty ten times. That amounts to $160,000, and any email marketer is sure to cringe if that kind of fine is enforced. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out in the industry or if you’re a seasoned veteran; the truth is that laws regulating email marketing can’t be ignored if you want to ensure longevity for your business.

Gordon Law not only has a high amount of legal experience, but also has a focus on the affiliate marketing industry due to the connections that we have made and the passion that we have for this particular industry. We do what we have to do in order to get things done to provide network owners, merchants, and affiliates with exclusive access to the best legal resources ever made available to them. We’ve been able to bring our extensive legal experience and affiliate marketing experience into a package that suits email marketers directly.

Whether you need advice on how to go about email marketing or you need to make sure that your current campaign isn’t creating a legal liability, we can help you. Each client that we work with receives dedicated attention, ensuring that they receive easy, reliable, and effective results. Online marketing is a serious business, and we treat each of our clients’ cases just as seriously.

Spam laws are also existent on state levels and local levels, so it is optimal to have a legal team to provide assistance along the way. Whether you’re in the United States or another country, our global reach is one that can help you with email marketing in virtually any country that you can think of. Contact us today if you wish to receive more information or seek our assistance for your email marketing needs.