FTC Defense Lawyer

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is in charge of regulating and investigating  allegations of unfair or deceptive marketing. It has a broad range of responsibilities that are authorized under the FTC Act.

If you are facing this type of litigation, consult an FTC defense lawyer.

In the pro-consumer, pro-regulation environment of today, resources favor the party with the financial and legal resources to pursue claims. And in FTC cases, that’s the government.

What to Expect

While investigating suspected Internet-related advertising violations, the FTC might:

  • Freeze a company’s assets;
  • Appoint a receiver; or
  • Require you to pay restitution to consumers.

They also can even refer cases to the Department of Justice for criminal prosecution. This could be a significant infringement on your quality of life, and it can hinder your ability to make a living.

How We Can Help

The Gordon Law Group can be an invaluable asset when you or your company is being accused of communications-related wrongdoing. These incidents could take place:

  • On the Internet
  • In blogs
  • Via telemarketing
  • Through direct mail
  • In print media
  • On broadcast media

Because there are so many different type actions that the FTC and related state attorney general’s could investigate, it is important to get advice from an attorney who has experience in these types of cases. Some of the common FTC cases include infringements of the CAN-SPAM Act and the Consumer Credit Protection Act.

The government has an unlimited amount of legal and financial resources to pursue a claim. So, it would be impossible to defend yourself without the help of an attorney.

Our Experience

We are an FTC defense lawyer with experience in handling all types of cases. Some of these include:

  • False advertising
  • Unfair business practices
  • Consumer fraud
  • Internet marketing
  • Health products
  • Consumer credit
  • Business opportunities

We also have the ability to handle a new type of FTC claim. They have started to go after companies for exhibiting poor security and privacy records. The issues related to cases of this sort require knowledge of the technological aspects and challenges associated with today’s data security practices.

Trusted Defense

Our firm has extensive experience in handling FTC and state government investigations. We have either represented or have provided on-call counsel for many companies that have appeared on the Forbes Top 500 list across various industries (including the technology field).

An FTC defense lawyer will need a great deal resources to defend these cases. Some of these include:

  • Digital forensic analysis
  • Understanding advertisement components
  • Knowledge on tracking systems
  • Understanding how internet business models are structured.

Because of the government’s unlimited resources when it comes to defending such issues, having proper counsel to handle these cases would be valuable to your defense.

Our knowledge of the complexities involved in building such a case shows our long history of experience, and it is the key to winning your case.

Alternatives to Litigation:

We work hard to settle your case outside of court. This can result in a reduction of both civil and criminal penalties, but it can also avoid further investigative measures.

It can also reduce the time and expense involved in building a case and scheduling expert witnesses. It can also reduce the effort involved if it goes to trial. Because these cases can carry stiff penalties, it can reduce your risk of further liabilities. We have been successful in negotiating outside-the-courtroom deals with federal, state, and local regulatory agencies.

Preventative Counsel from an FTC Defense Lawyer

For those companies that want to prevent these types of issues, we also offer consultative services. We provide a number of preventative services that can reduce your risk of potential complaints. We can review ads for legal compliance before they get published, and we can do a risk analysis as well. Our firm will review your ad for anything that could be seen as misleading, misrepresented, or inaccurate endorsements or promises.

We also offer advisory services to digital media entities on issues related to consumer protection. We can work with clients who are looking to develop in-house standards. This is important as a defense against alleged violations, because ads can be reviewed before they are sent to an FTC defense lawyer.

Having an in-house system can save a great deal of time and money. It establishes a set of standards to which your organization adheres, and it can be helpful should an investigation take place.

Connect With An FTC Defense Lawyer

If you or company are facing litigation by the FTC, having legal representation at the beginning can help you avoid any mistakes that could jeopardize your case. Some of the common FTC actions could be temporarily halted if your interests are being represented by legal counsel.

If you want to find a qualified FTC defense lawyer, contact us today to schedule a consultation. Gordon Law Group is committed to protecting your rights in FTC and attorney general lawsuits.

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