The use of mobile marketing has been rapidly rising in popularity, but the many lawsuits regarding compliance have proven that it is essential for businesses to stay on top of certain compliance laws and regulations related to mobile marketing. 

Just like with any form of marketing, the government strictly regulates mobile marketing. In most cases, the court determines that mobile marketing falls under Telephone Consumer Protection Act. While this act doesn’t cover SMS marketing (due to it being enacted prior to mobile marketing), it is still used in order to regulate this type of marketing. The legal team at Gordon Law has the ability in SMS marketing as well as those who offer third-party apps to consumers. This allows us to provide legal assistance on anything that has to do with using mobile devices as a business medium.

Some of the areas that we provide legal assistance with are:

  • Contests
  • Ringtones
  • Promotions
  • Sweepstakes
  • SMS Marketing

Here at Gordon Law, we have direct insight into the mobile marketing industry as well as direct experience with businesses that utilize this form of marketing. While we’re well-educated, we also have the hands-on experience that many law firms don’t necessarily have. We have extensive experience helping clients with regulatory investigations as well as litigation. We like to provide our clients with the opportunity to proceed towards their ventures with caution while minimizing legal liability.

If you’re interested in how our mobile law services can help protect your business, do not hesitate to contact us today. We’ll develop a custom strategy and have a dedicated legal professional work with you throughout your journey into the world of mobile marketing and advertising. This approach is unique to Gordon Law, and our methods are always refined to ensure that we’re always staying at the top when it comes to law firms that suit marketers the best.

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