Preventing Online Defamation

Whether you’re blogging or you have a campaign running where you talk about a certain person, product, or business, you’re still at risk of committing online defamation if you’re not presenting the campaign in a positive manner. Here at Gordon Law, we have direct experience with online defamation consultation to help prevent any issues arising from misrepresentation and we also represent affiliates that may be the defendant of an online defamation case. Our experience in this matter is immense, and there’s not another law firm that has the vast amount of resources and skills needed to properly represent affiliates, networks, and merchants.

Fighting Online Defamation

When someone commits online defamation against you or your company, there are legal actions that may be taken. Depending upon your situation, this can be a cease and desist letter or even a lawsuit asking for reimbursement of any damages that have occurred due to the defamation that took place. Because each situation depends on the extent of the defamation and the specific situation, it is best to contact a legal consultant in order to assess what the best possible course of action would be.

No Other Law Firm Has the Ties We Have In the Industry

When it comes to the affiliate marketing industry, there’s not one other law firm that has the connections that we do. We’re partnered with the owner of a leading affiliate network and have built countless relationships that can provide our clients with truly valuable results that they can actually depend on. Online defamation can become a serious issue, but with the team at Gordon Law on your side, it will quickly become something that no longer has the potential to do harm to your affiliate marketing business. Get in touch with us today to discuss the legal assistance that you need for online defamation.

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