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FTC Marketing Defense Law: FTC v. Real Estate Flipping Company

House Flipping Co. Sued For Promising A Lot

The Federal Trade Commission sued a real estate training business for allegedly duping consumers with a bogus workshop scheme. Jump in to learn more.

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Cryptocurrency law: IRS says crypto not eligible for like-kind exchanges

IRS Says Like-Kind Never Applied To Crypto

Recently, an IRS lawyer made big news by announcing that the Internal Revenue Service never thought like-kind standards applied to cryptocurrency.

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Cannabis legalization law: last-minute rulings

Last-Minute IL Cannabis Law Rulings

On January 1, 2020, recreational cannabis will be legal in Illinois for people aged 21 and over. Some communities have made some last-minute legalization rulings.

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Crypto Tax Law: International Evasion Task Force

International Crypto Tax Force On The Hunt

If you haven't reported your cryptocurrency gains to the IRS, now is the time. They've formed an international crypto tax evasion task force.

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Esports Law: Tfue lawsuit update

Tfue v. FaZe Clan Esports Lawsuit Update

There's an update in the esports lawsuit of the year: Tfue v. FaZe Clan. Who did the judge side with? Jump in to learn what happened in court.

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Crypto Tax Law: IRS Bitcoin ATMs

IRS Is Now Focusing On Bitcoin ATMS

The Internal Revenue Service has turned its attention towards Bitcoin ATMs. The agency is focused on tax evasion and money-laundering scams.

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FTC Law: Employee Online Reviews

Brand Busted for Employee Product Reviews

The FTC busted a beauty brand's fake online review scheme. The company was making employees post reviews. Jump in to learn what not to do.

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Ecommerce Law: California sales tax collection letters

Did California Send You A Crazy Sales Tax Bill?

Did California send you a huge sales tax bill? It happened to thousands of online sellers, but you may not have to pay it. Jump in to learn more.

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Tax Law: Actors Taxes

Tax Solutions for Actors: TCJA Problem

Legions of American actors are now dealing with massive tax responsibilities due to TCJA changes, and non-household names are feeling the crunch.

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