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4 Ways You Can Use Social Distancing Time to Get Ahead of Tax Debt

In this time of uncertainty, many Americans are concerned for their financial security and business owners need to leverage every opportunity to strengthen their business.We suggest using this time to get ahead of your tax debt, put your records in order, and create a plan to strengthen your financial position in the future.

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IRS Offer in Compromise: Lower Your Tax Debt

Drowning in tax debt? You may find relief via an IRS Offer in Compromise, or OIC—an option that allows taxpayers to reduce outstanding IRS tax debts.

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The Esports Tax Reckoning: What Players and Teams Need to Know

Esports tax rules are changing rapidly. It’s time for esports players and teams to plan ahead to avoid future tax audits and penalties.

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Marketing Law: Goop truth-in-advertising censure

Marketing Law: Goop Censured Again

Uh oh! It looks like TINA, the marketing watchdog group, is, once again, on Goop's tail. The scuttlebutt is a good reminder about following truth-in-advertising rules.

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Being Audited by the IRS - What Should I Do

Audited by the IRS: What to Do Next

Being audited by the IRS? Learn the most common reasons for an IRS tax audit, how to prepare for an audit, and your legal options.

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Crypto Tax Law: Virtual Currency Fairness Act

Virtual Currency Tax Fairness Act

With tax season comes new crypto tax law proposals, there are also new crypto laws around Capitol Hill, like the Virtual Currency Tax Fairness Act.

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E-commerce Law: Amazon anti-counterfeit initiative

Amazon Teaming Up To Stamp Out Counterfeits

Amazon is teaming up with law enforcement to battle counterfeiting on the e-commerce platform. Online sellers should click to learn about the major change.

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IRS News: Beware of Scammers

Don’t Fall For IRS Scam Calls and Other Scams!

It's tax time, and scammers are out in full force trying to con money out of people. Click through for a tax time scam overview to keep yourself safe.

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Online Privacy Law: Twitter Grindr Ad Platform Suspension

Twitter Swiped Left on Grindr’s Privacy Policy

Twitter suspend Grindr from its ad platform over possible GDPR violations. Learn about the situation and figure out if your brand is at risk for being booted.

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