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tax law blog: fraudulent tax deductions

Fraudulent Tax Deductions: Can I Go To Jail?

What happens if you make fraudulent tax deductions? The IRS can hit you with hefty fines and even throw you in jail for a few years.

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Illinois Tax Lawyer: Audit Red Flags

IRS Red Flags: 5 Things That Increase the Chances of an IRS Audit

The Internal Revenue Service audits a certain number of individuals a year. Some people are more likely to be targeted than others.

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Tax Law: Private Debt Collectors

Private Debt Collectors May Be Calling About Taxes

Ostensibly to cut down on administrative costs, politicians passed a law that allows certain private debt collectors to go after past due taxes.

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Chicago Law Blog: OVDP Lawyer

Getting Compliant with the OVDP

Parties with overseas bank accounts and financial holdings can't just brush it under the proverbial carpet and hope the IRS doesn't notice.

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Chicago Law Blog: Tax Penalties

Tax Penalties: A Quick Overview

Tax problems happen. And when they do, the penalties can be severe. Jump through for a quick overview of tax penalties and possible solutions.

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Internet Law: price scraping legalities

Price Scraping Can Lead To Legal Troubles

Price scraping tools are becoming increasingly popular with online sellers and e-commerce businesses. But can they land you in legal quicksand?

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Chicago Law Blog: FTC v. Qualcomm

FTC v. Qualcomm: FTC Patent Antitrust Claim

The FTC and technology giant Qualcomm once got into a patent antitrust legal battle. Jump in for an infographic explaining the case.

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Chicago Law Blog: FTC defense law

Gordon Law Files Counterclaim against FTC

Gordon Law filed a countersuit against the FTC on behalf of a successful online business. The action resulted in millions of the business' assets being unfrozen.

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Chicago Law Blog: Tax settlement lawyer

IRS Tax Settlement Calculation

Do you owe back taxes? Believe it or not, you may be able to work out a deal with the Internal Revenue Service, and we can help you negotiate.

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