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Chicago Law Blog: FTC Compliance lawyer

FTC Internet Advertising Rules

The Federal Trade Commission closely monitors Internet marketing campaigns for "unfair and deceptive marketing." Are you sure you're compliant?

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Chicago Law Blog: Audit Law Issues

Tax Audit: How Should I Handle It?

The IRS decides to audit you. What next? What will likely happen and who is the best person to help you through the process: A lawyer or CPA?

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Chicago Law Blog: FTC dietary supplement marketing rules

FTC Rules: Health-Related Deceptive Advertising

The Federal Trade Commission is a stickler when it comes to health-related deceptive advertising regulations, and aggressively pursue violators.

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Chicago Law Blog: Illinois Medical Marijuana Law

Illinois Medical Marijuana Market Open for Business

Illinois has a medical marijuana program. It's small, but has the potential to mitigate the state's debt crisis. More details after the jump.

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Chicago Law Blog: FTC lawsuit over lack of review disclosures

FTC To Marketers: Disclose Material Relationships

The Federal Trade Commission sues brands, marketers, affiliates, and networks that flout disclosure laws. Is your business up-to-date and compliant?

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Chicago Law Blog: Buffalo Grove medical marijuana law

Buffalo Grove Dispensary's Medical Marijuana Debut

This November, Medical Marijuana will make its debut in the Chicago suburbs with the opening of a new Buffalo Grove dispensary. Jump in for details.

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Chicago Law Blog: FTC v. Wundham data security lawsuit

FTC v. Wyndham: What You Need To Know

The FTC famously brought an action against Wyndham Hotels for failing to implement sufficient digital security measures. It's a case every business should know.

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Chicago Law Blog: Nevis as an LLC option for Chicago startups

Nevis LLC Regulations: Asset Protection For Principals

Can United States startups and corporations register as an LLC in the island nation of Nevis? Yes! And the country has spectacular advantages.

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Internet Law Blog: Online Marketing FTC v. POM

POM FTC Case: Affiliate Lessons

The Federal Trade Commission's legal tangle with POM Wonderful is a seminal marketing and advertising case that is instructive for affiliates and brands.

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