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Kidfluencer legal issues
Kidfluencer Legal Considerations: What Every Parent and Manager Needs To Know
“Kidfluencers” are the new supermodels. Brands, from Crayola to Carnival Cruises, are courting y [...]
Esports Law: Collecting Purse Winnings
Esports Earnings: Structuring Tournaments So All Pros Can Collect Winnings
Pro-gamers in Japan, Brazil, and the Philippines are bound to regulations that constrain their abili [...]
Startup Law: Business Formation
Chicago Startup Law: Choosing The Best Legal Structure
You’ve molded your idea into a product or service. Now it’s time to make things legit. Next step [...]
Esports Law: Team Participation Agreements
Team Participation Agreements: Esports Law Matters
Esports athletes typically sign several contracts when joining a team. Not only must they agree to t [...]
Marketing Law: Suing social media influencers
Can I Sue an Influencer for Underperforming?
You’re a brand that uses social media “influencers” to promote products. But what happens when [...]
Esports Law: Industry Investment
Esports Investors: Twenty-Four Things You Need To Know About The Industry
The esports industry is booming. Money is running to the space at record pace. So to lend a hand to [...]
Chicago Lawyer Blog: Startup Law Considerations
Startup Law Checklist: 10 Considerations
You came up with the idea — and maybe even secured first-round funding. Now, before you go any fur [...]
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Esports Contract Law: One-Sided Association Contract Perplexes Esports Lawyers
The Esports Federation of India (ESFI) unveiled a new player contract for the 2018 Asian Games. Thou [...]