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FBAR Law: Doctor Possibly Dinged Millions Over POA Misunderstanding
Here’s another reminder to people with foreign bank accounts and holdings: Submitting FBAR paperwo [...]
IRS Letter 6174-A: Uncle Sam is Officially on the Hunt for People Not Properly Reporting Crypto Transactions
Not to be those people…but we told you so. Cryptocurrency Tax Letter 6174-A: IRS on the Hunt for V [...]
You’ve Been Warned: The IRS Is On The Hunt for Crypto Tax Evaders
Gary “Silk Road Sheriff” Alford was instrumental in catching online drug cartel kingpin Ross Ulb [...]
FBAR Defense: “I Didn’t Know” Usually Doesn’t Work
A former pharmaceutical CEO must fork over nearly seven figures for failing to comply with FBAR regu [...]
FBAR Law: What happens when you don't comply
FBAR Case Law: A Cautionary Tale About Not Reporting Offshore Accounts To the IRS
Gather round ye taxpayers with offshore banking and investment accounts! Here’s a cautionary tale [...]
Tax Law: Fraud and Jail
Illinois Tax Fraud Law: Can I Go To Jail For Not Paying Taxes?
Can I go to jail for not paying taxes? It’s a question we field constantly. The answer: In some in [...]