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Online Tax Law: ebay is inappropriately charging tax on exempt items
Is eBay Imposing Illegal Sales Tax on Exempt Items?
After a new Illinois law went into effect on January 1, 2020, which requires state residents to pay [...]
Ecommerce Law: California sales tax collection letters
Did California Send You A Crazy Sales Tax Bill? Here’s Why and What To Do
Has California’s tax authority lost its mind? According to thousands of Amazon sellers, the answer [...]
Self-Employment Tax Tips: Paying Quarterly Taxes
Generally, people who earn over $12,000 a year must pay taxes, and self-employed people might need t [...]
Why Aren’t You Using the R&D Tax Credit? Yes, You!
It’s now possible for more businesses to use the R&D tax credit. What is the Research and [...]
Don’t Be A Fool! Take Advantage of the Illinois Tax Amnesty Program!
Have you heard about the Illinois tax amnesty program? If you haven’t paid Illinois State taxes ov [...]
Tax Law: California's New Online Sales Tax
California’s New Online Sales Tax: What Online Sellers Need to Know
California has a set of new online sales tax standards. All businesses with an e-commerce arm should [...]
Tax Law: Depreciation Deductions
Tax Law: Depreciation Write Offs To Lower Your Taxable Income
Are you a small business looking to save money on taxes? Let’s take a look at some depreciation wr [...]
Tax Law: Tips for Etsy Sellers
Tax Advice For Etsy Entrepreneurs: Will The IRS Now Consider You A Hobbyist And Demand More Money?
Here’s a hard truth, Etsy Entrepreneurs: The Tax Cut and Jobs Act isn’t your best friend. Under [...]
e-commerce law issue: Amazon Australia Shipping Ban
E-commerce Legal News: Ship To Australia? Read This Now
Have you heard about the latest international e-commerce shake up? If you run a U.S.-based, online r [...]