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Tax Law: Depreciation Deductions
Tax Law: Depreciation Write Offs To Lower Your Taxable Income
Are you a small business looking to save money on taxes? Let’s take a look at some depreciation wr [...]
Tax Law: Tips for Etsy Sellers
Tax Advice For Etsy Entrepreneurs: Will The IRS Now Consider You A Hobbyist And Demand More Money?
Here’s a hard truth, Etsy Entrepreneurs: The Tax Cut and Jobs Act isn’t your best friend. Under [...]
e-commerce law issue: Amazon Australia Shipping Ban
E-commerce Legal News: Ship To Australia? Read This Now
Have you heard about the latest international e-commerce shake up? If you run a U.S.-based, online r [...]
South Dakota v. Wayfair
Ecommerce Law: Will South Dakota V. Wayfair Ruling Burn Some Online Sales Businesses?
In a nail-biter 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court of the United States, using South Dakota v. Wayfair, [...]
E-commerce Tax Law
South Dakota v. Wayfair: Is SCOTUS On The Verge Of Drastically Altering The E-commerce Ecosystem?
Attention e-commerce entrepreneurs and businesses: The Supreme Court of the United States is current [...]
Chicago Law Blog: Internet Sales Tax
Internet Sales Tax Law: Amazon Gives Account Info To Rhode Island
Due to Rhode Island’s Internet sales tax, Amazon is handing over the names and addresses of on [...]
Internet law blog: e-commerce tax tips
E-commerce Tax: What Online Sellers Need To Know In 3 Minutes
We get it: You’d rather sit through a 5-hour Nickelback concert (sorry Nickelback fans) than deal [...]