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Online Marketing Law: Degeneres and Bullock Sue A Slew of Affiliate Marketers
Thousands of websites purposefully designed to resemble legitimate news outlets use fake celebrity e [...]
Internet Law: California's new chatbot law
What You Need To Know About The New Bot Disclosure Law
California unveiled a new marketing regulation affecting e-commerce websites. If you run an online s [...]
Four Legal Considerations before Partnering with an Influencer
Over 80% of brands use social media influencers to promote products. But leagues of those companies [...]
California B.O.T. Act - Chatbot Disclosure Law
California’s New Chatbot Disclosure Law: What You Need to Know
If you run an online shopping platform, take two minutes to read about California’s new chatbot di [...]
The Legal Consequences of Trafficking in Fake Likes and Follows
It’s a jungle out there. With marketing saturation at peak capacity, gaining exposure — whether [...]
Marketing Law: Made in the USA Labeling Laws
“Made in the USA”: Easy-to-Understand Overview of FTC Guidelines
Last week, the Federal Trade Commission voted whether or not to fine companies that improperly use t [...]
Internet Law: Facebook FTC Fine
Could Your Business Survive An FTC Online Privacy Fine?
Did you hear the news about Facebook’s five-billion-dollar footnote? The tech giant recently discl [...]
e-commerce law topic: fictitious pricing
Ecommerce Law: Can You Be Sued For “Fictitious Pricing” Perpetual Sales?
Sales are a staple of the e-commerce ecosystem, but rules do apply. For example: Perpetually adverti [...]
ecommerce law: legal myths debunked
3 Ecommerce Legal Myths Debunked
Contracts and agreements are a huge part of the e-commerce ecosystem. And despite the commonly accep [...]