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The Gordon Law Group works with websites, apps, and businesses involved in the esports betting industry. We offer domestic and international compliance consultations, in addition to contract drafting and negotiations. If you need assistance with intellectual property protection, online privacy, and other transactional and sponsorship matters, we can help with that too.

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Another Loot Box Lawsuit: Fortnite

Loot boxes are a growing area of legal concern. Jump in to learn about the latest loot box gaming lawsuit. If you need a gaming lawyer, get in touch!

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Gaming Law: Loot Boxes

Gaming Law: Loot Box Legalities

Gaming is a growing industry. And as such, governments are starting to regulate may aspects of digital and mobile games, like so-called "loot boxes."

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Esports contract discussion

NJ Snubs Esports Betting Businesses

SCOTUS overturned a law that effectively banned online sports betting. Esports betting operations were excited. And then NJ threw a curve ball.

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Esports Law

Esports Law: The Dawn of Legal Esports Betting?

The Supreme Court of the United States overturned a longstanding law regarding sports gambling. Does this mean esports betting will soon be legal stateside?

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Esports Law: Esports Betting in the U.S.

Esports Betting Law: An Overview

Esports betting is becoming very big business. Let's take a look at the laws currently governing sports betting in the U.S. and the future of esports betting law.

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