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Interested in Esports Contract Law?

Got esports contract law questions? The Gordon Law Group works with esports athletes, teams, and sponsors on various contractual matters. Whether you’re a team looking for a customized player agreement or a brand interested in sponsorship compliance issues, we’re here to handle it.

Below is a collection of articles that touch on various aspects of esports contact law. We update our resource center weekly, so bookmark and check back. If you’re ready to speak with an esports contract lawyer, get in touch today!

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The Esports Tax Reckoning: What Players and Teams Need to Know

Esports tax rules are changing rapidly. It’s time for esports players and teams to plan ahead to avoid future tax audits and penalties.

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Esports Law: Tfue lawsuit update

Tfue v. FaZe Clan Esports Lawsuit Update

There's an update in the esports lawsuit of the year: Tfue v. FaZe Clan. Who did the judge side with? Jump in to learn what happened in court.

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Will U.S. Visa Law Devastate Overwatch League?

Professional gamers, team owners, executives, and industry investors tied to the Overwatch esports league should brush up on a new bill on Capitol Hill.

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A Look At FaZe Clan's Legal Headaches

FaZe Clan, the professional esports organization, has been generating legal headlines as of late. Let's take a look at what's going on.

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Do Publishers Present An Esports Antitrust Threat?

Is the professional video game industry about to experience a huge esports antitrust crisis? We explore the possibility in this esports law post.

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Legal Lessons: The Tfue v. Faze Clan Conflict

A popular professional e-sports athlete is suing his organization over contract disagreements. Jump in for the story and some esports legal tips.

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Esports Law Topic: Labor Law Considerations for teams and athletes

Esports Labor Law Considerations

Every esports team and athlete should familiarize themselves with labor laws on the local, state, and federal levels. Non-compliance could prove expensive.

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Esports Law: Collecting Purse Winnings

Structuring Tournaments So All Pros Can Collect

Let's discuss an esports earnings legal issue. Players in some countries cannot collect tournament winnings do to gambling laws in their countries.

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Esports Law: Team Participation Agreements

Esports Law: Team Participation Agreements

Every professional esports athlete must sign a team participation agreement. Jump in to learn more about these contracts and their clauses.

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