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Interested in Esports Contract Law?

Got esports contract law questions? The Gordon Law Group works with esports athletes, teams, and sponsors on various contractual matters. Whether you’re a team looking for a customized player agreement or a brand interested in sponsorship compliance issues, we’re here to handle it.

Below is a collection of articles that touch on various aspects of esports contact law. We update our resource center weekly, so bookmark and check back. If you’re ready to speak with an esports contract lawyer, get in touch today!

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Esports Law: Industry Investment

Twenty-Four Esports Investor Tips

Esports is a booming industry that promises impressive profit potential over the next five years. So what do potential investors need to know about the space?

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Chicago law blog

Association Contract Stumps Esports Lawyers

A player's association, esports contract out of India has the esports world talking. Jump in to find out what has esports lawyers talking.

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Esports Law: unionization

Esports Law: Let’s Talk Esports Unions

A lot of esports leagues are making union moves. Jump in for an overview of several efforts. Need an esports lawyer? Give us a call today!

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Legal Blog: Esports Contracts

Esports Contracts: 5 Things To Consider

In this post, we'll take a look at the five most important elements of an esports athlete contract, from the perspective of an athlete.

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