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Online Marketing Law: Degeneres and Bullock Sue A Slew of Affiliate Marketers
Thousands of websites purposefully designed to resemble legitimate news outlets use fake celebrity e [...]
FTC Defense Law
Would The FTC Consider Your App a Stalking App? A Cautionary App Development Tale
Last year, a hacker sent a journalist a tip: Someone uncovered an exploit in a “stalking app” an [...]
Internet Law: California's new chatbot law
What You Need To Know About The New Bot Disclosure Law
California unveiled a new marketing regulation affecting e-commerce websites. If you run an online s [...]
Internet Law and FTC Law: FTC sued for allegedly ignoring scam bots for profit
FTC Slams Match Group over Supposedly Shady Tactics
The FTC sued online dating behemoth The Match Group for allegedly ignoring fraudulent bots that sedu [...]
Online Marketing Law: Ryan Toy Review possible FTC censure
TINA Goes After Ryan’s Toy Review. Don’t Let it Happen to You!
The Federal Trade Commission may ground popular kidfluencer Ryan Kaji. TINA, a consumer activist gro [...]
Four Legal Considerations before Partnering with an Influencer
Over 80% of brands use social media influencers to promote products. But leagues of those companies [...]
Fyre Festival Influencers Land Themselves a Lawsuit
In Fyre’s calamitous wake, trustees are clawing back money that Billy McFarland and crew sunk into [...]
The FTC let Zuck Off the Hook
Facebook’s legal tango with the FTC has come to an end, for now. After the 16-month investigat [...]
California B.O.T. Act - Chatbot Disclosure Law
California’s New Chatbot Disclosure Law: What You Need to Know
If you run an online shopping platform, take two minutes to read about California’s new chatbot di [...]