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Offshore Cryptocurrency

Are you holding cryptocurrency overseas? Have you made foreign digital currency transactions? Are you interested in cryptocurrency “tax havens”? Whatever the case, we can help. Our firm regularly works with cryptocurrency investors and fintech businesses on everything from international tax positioning to cross-border ICO consultations to offshore cryptocurrency matters.

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IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program

The IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP) gives taxpayers a chance to avoid criminal tax charges by submitting their late or corrected tax returns and agreeing to pay the penalties.

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crypto law topic: illegal mining

Illegal Mining in Hong Kong Can Lead To Jail

Hong Kong is an ICO hot spot. But startups looking to incorporate there should be aware of the regulatory atmosphere. Especially crypto mining companies.

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Cryptocurrency Law: New French crypto-friendly regulations

France Is Courting
Crypto, Too!

Many countries are interested in attracting cryptocurrency and blockchain startups. France is the latest country to jump in the ring with crypto-friendly laws.

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international crypto options

Int'l Crypto: Fintech-Friendly Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein enjoys a long business-friendly tradition. And now the European nation is getting in on the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

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offshore cryptocurrency options

Malta and Bermuda May Save You Millions

In this article, we explore two overseas crypto-friendly jurisdictions: Bermuda and Malta. The Gordon Law Group regularly works with token investors.

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cryptocurrency law: FBAR considerations

Must You Declare Foreign Crypto Holdings?

A lot of people have been asking: Must I declare crypto holdings sitting in overseas exchanges and wallets? Jump in to explore the issue.

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Marshall Islands Flag to accompany blog post about the Marshall Island's new cryptocurrency

Pacific Nation Shuns Dollar For Crypto Token

The Marshall Islands have ditched the dollar in favor of a national cryptocurrency. Jump in to learn about the switch and our crypto law practice.

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Internet law blog: Cryptocurrency Startup Location Idea

Is Belarus Great For Blockchain Startups?

Belarus wants to become a cryptocurrency and blockchain hub, so it is slashing taxes and loosening foreign investment rules. Good fit for your business?

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Bitcoin Lawyer

UK Adopting EU-Wide Crypto Regulations

Finance authorities in the United Kingdom are laser-focused on digital currency and fintech matters, and despite Brexit, plan to adopt EU regulations.

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