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Online Privacy Law: Twitter Grindr Ad Platform Suspension
Twitter Swiped Left on Grindr’s Vague Privacy Policy
Twitter suspended mobile dating app Grindr from its ad platform after the Norwegian Consumer Council [...]
Startup law: 5 tips for smartly setting up your startup
5 Legal Considerations for Your Illinois Startup
It’s time to get your Illinois startup off the ground. So let’s look at five legal consideration [...]
FTC Defense Law
Would The FTC Consider Your App a Stalking App? A Cautionary App Development Tale
Last year, a hacker sent a journalist a tip: Someone uncovered an exploit in a “stalking app” an [...]
The FTC let Zuck Off the Hook
Facebook’s legal tango with the FTC has come to an end, for now. After the 16-month investigat [...]
Internet Law: Facebook FTC Fine
Could Your Business Survive An FTC Online Privacy Fine?
Did you hear the news about Facebook’s five-billion-dollar footnote? The tech giant recently discl [...]
ecommerce tips from a lawyer
3 Legal Considerations for Every E-commerce Business
Media outlets may be focused on the emerging cryptocurrency and esports markets, but let’s not for [...]
Kidfluencer legal issues
Kidfluencer Legal Considerations: What Every Parent and Manager Needs To Know
“Kidfluencers” are the new supermodels. Brands, from Crayola to Carnival Cruises, are courting y [...]
Facebook says its making big changes. Online Privacy law
Online Privacy News: Facebook Says It’s Changing Direction. Can It?
Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement about “sweeping changes” at Facebook splashed across media feed [...]
COPPA Rules: Learn From TikTok and Get A COPPA Audit
It’s FTC official: TikTok must forfeit millions in COPPA fines. Is your website, app, or software [...]