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Does My Website Need A Privacy Policy? And Other Digital Privacy Laws
Even though the United States doesn’t have a federal, all-encompassing online privacy law, sta [...]
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If You Haven’t Made GDPR Adjustments To Your Website, Read This NOW!
Last year, the General Data Protection Rule went into effect. This year, analysts predict, fines wil [...]
Internet Law: Can-SPAM
Internet Law Alert: Is A Can-Spam Act Update On The Horizon?
The Gordon Law Group regularly works with brands and businesses on Internet law matters, including C [...]
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Esports Law Update: Intellectual Property Concerns and The Olympics
Let’s take a quick look at recent happenings in the esports legal world. Esports Observer Survey: [...]
Chicago Lawyer Blog: Startup Law Considerations
Startup Law Checklist: 10 Considerations
You came up with the idea — and maybe even secured first-round funding. Now, before you go any fur [...]
Law Topic: GDPR and Cryptocurrency
Will the GDPR Invite More Cryptocurrency Theft and Fraud?
Will the newly enacted General Protection Data Rule (GDPR) “negatively impact the overall security [...]
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Are You GDPR Compliant?
Update: An Austrian lawyer has already filed 8 million dollars’ worth of GDPR lawsuits against “ [...]
Internet Law: GDPR and Facebook Migration
GDPR News: Does Facebook Plan To Cheat An Upcoming Online Privacy Law?
Well, well, well — if reports prove accurate, it looks like Facebook may be absconding with some d [...]
Internet Law: The CLOUD Act
CLOUD Act: International Data Sharing Bill Quietly Passes; Crypto Community Not Impressed
In addition to the $1.3 trillion spending bill, lawmakers unanimously gaveled the Clarifying Oversea [...]