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Chicago Law Blog: Tax Audit

Audited by the IRS: What to Do Next

Being audited by the IRS? Learn the most common reasons for an IRS tax audit, how to prepare for an audit, and your legal options.

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tax law: tips for lowering 2019 taxes

Tax Law: 2019 Tax Saving Tips For You

Tax season is lurking right around the corner, but you still have time to make some moves that will help reduce your tax burden. Jump in to learn.

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Tax Law: What is the IRS audit window

How Far Back Can the IRS Audit You?

What's the IRS audit window? Learn how far back the IRS can audit you, what factors may extend the time limit, & how to avoid IRS troubles to begin with.

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Tax Law: Business Credits

IRS Clarifies Changes To Revised Business Tax Credits

The Internal Revenue Service published clarifications about some new and revised business tax credits. Jump in to learn more about the important changes.

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IRS News: Usinf Social Media to Track Down Tax Evaders

IRS Will Scour Social Media To Catch Tax Evaders

We've always suspected, but the IRS has finally confirmed that it will use a robust social media tool to catch tax evaders. Jump in to learn more.

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Chicago Lawyer: Audit Appeals

Appealing An
IRS Audit

Audit agents aren't infallible. They, too, mess up on occasion. If you feel your audit produced the wrong results, you can submit an IRS appeal.

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Illinois tax lawyer

Illinois Sales Tax Audit:

Did the Illinois Department of Revenue select you for an Illinois sales tax audit? Don't panic. It's a routing process and we'' walk you through it.

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Chicago Tax Lawyer

Should I Fully Disclose To the IRS?

Taxpayers who fully disclose income and assets to the IRS can receive assistance through the Voluntary Disclosure Program.

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Can I Just Pay the IRS and Close the Audit?

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