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Tax Debt Settlements

Tax lawyer Illinois

The Road to
Tax Lien Relief

If a tax lien is imposed for failing to file a tax return or pay income taxes, the IRS offers relief through its Fresh Start Program.

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Business lawyer Chicago

Hire A Lawyer To Help With An IRS Issue

When facing an IRS audit or settling a tax debt, a tax attorney can provide guidance and assistance on complex issues.

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Tax Law: Late Settlements with the IRS

How Long Does It Take To Settle With The IRS?

Do you owe back taxes? Are you interested in negotiating a settlement with the Internal Revenue Service? If so, how long will it all take? Let's discuss.

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Does The IRS File Liens?

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Is my IRS tax debt public?

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Tax Law: Private Debt Collectors

Private Debt Collectors May Be Calling About Taxes

Ostensibly to cut down on administrative costs, politicians passed a law that allows certain private debt collectors to go after past due taxes.

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Chicago Law Blog: Tax Penalties

Tax Penalties: A Quick Overview

Tax problems happen. And when they do, the penalties can be severe. Jump through for a quick overview of tax penalties and possible solutions.

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Chicago Law Blog: Tax settlement lawyer

IRS Tax Settlement Calculation

Do you owe back taxes? Believe it or not, you may be able to work out a deal with the Internal Revenue Service, and we can help you negotiate.

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