E-commerce Tax: What Online Sellers Need To Know In 3 Minutes

Feb 26, 2018

e-commerce tax law tips We get it: You’d rather sit through a 5-hour Nickelback concert (sorry Nickelback fans) than deal with the tax man — but alas, with the entrepreneurial glory must come a bit of paperwork pain.

But there’s great news: Our e-commerce tax team can handle it all for you.

We’ll calculate your state sales tax commitments and business reporting requirements. Even better? We’re known for reducing the tax debts of online businesses, affiliate marketers, and e-tailers by up to75%; and we’re often able to do the same for new clients.

So, if you’re looking for an e-commerce tax lawyer, get in touch today! We’re ready to take those tax woes off your plate.

In the meantime, we’ve put together a quick list of things to remember about online sales tax reporting requirements. Questions? Shoot us a message or give us a call. We’ve got the answers to your e-commerce tax questions.

4 Things Every Affiliate Marketer and Online Seller Should Know About E-commerce Tax Reporting Requirements

  • Affiliate marketers need to pay taxes in states where they have a physical presence — a.k.a., a “nexus.”
  • Sometimes, having a warehousing or shipping vendor in a state qualifies as a sufficient nexus. So, even though you may not be located in a given state, you’re still legally tethered to the state through 3rd party vendors and required to remit sales taxes.
  • Forty-Five states, and the District of Columbia, have some type of sales tax requirement.
  • E-commerce businesses and some individual online sellers need to register in every state they remit sales taxes. Failure to do so can result in legal hassles, like interest accrual and non-compliance actions.

Connect With An E-commerce Tax Lawyer

Do you need help sorting out taxes for your e-commerce business? We can handle it for you. Our e-commerce tax team will calculate how much you owe and where. We’ll also make sure you pay the least amount possible by applying every possible deduction and credit.

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