Esports Contract Law: One-Sided Association Contract Perplexes Esports Lawyers

Jun 25, 2018

esports union law and lawyer The Esports Federation of India (ESFI) unveiled a new player contract for the 2018 Asian Games. Though the contract only effects Indian players, it’s worth exploring since esports is very much a global industry that requires a level of international cooperation.

A One-Sided Athlete Contract

Why is the esports world questioning the ESFI’s contract? In short, it’s not very player friendly. Though most contracts include mandatory promotional clauses, the ESFI’s requires that players foot the bill for certain events! You read that correctly: Athletes must pay for all travel costs incurred by promotional endeavors.

Esports Contracts: Promotional Provisions are Perfectly Normal; Making Athletes Foot The Bill Isn’t

As we state above, promotional provisions are a completely normal part of professional gaming contracts. But the ESFI agreement burdens the players with promotional costs, which is highly unusual. After all, what if expensive unforeseen circumstances present themselves? In such situations, must players empty their pockets to cover costs?

In North America, Asia, and Europe, contracts between teams and players or association and players are more even-handed. Typically, it’s the teams and sponsors that foot the bill for promotional events.

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