FTC? No problem.

The FTC has the power to freeze funds and seize control of businesses without warning—and mistakes in your advertising make you an easy target.

Our Brand Security System helps you protect what you’ve built.

FTC: The lurking threat

Are you afraid that a marketing misstep could spell disaster from the FTC?

Perhaps you’ve heard horror stories of the Federal Trade Commission effectively shutting down business operations, making companies shell out millions in settlements, or even seizing a business owner’s home, car, and other personal property.

The threat is real—but there’s a simple solution. If you follow the FTC’s rules in your marketing materials, they won’t come after you and the business you’ve worked so hard to build.

Shield yourself from FTC problems

How do you keep track of all the marketing laws out there? Even if you do have the time to decode the FTC’s legalese, how can you be 100% certain that one little phrase in your ad or one call to action on your website won’t put everything at risk?

That’s where our experienced FTC attorneys come in. We’ve spent years taking on the Federal Trade Commission (and winning!) on behalf of companies like yours.

We created the Brand Security System to help busy entrepreneurs remove potential landmines before they explode.

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The Brand Security System starts at approximately $5,000 and protects ALL of your business revenue and personal assets from the FTC.

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