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The naysayers were wrong. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are more than just a passing fad. The market has settled into a healthy valuation stride, and blockchain startups are developing exciting innovations that savvy investors are eagerly funding. But with all this advancement comes regulatory oversight.

Our law firm guides startups through the ICO process. We also represent businesses entangled in ICO lawsuits.

SEC Investigations and Class Action Lawsuits

Currently, many ICOs are being sued by initial investors for failing to properly register with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The best way to avoid that fate is to consult with an ICO lawyer before launching.

Since ICOs are the new finance vehicle on the block, authorities are on the hunt for fraudulent activity. Right now, it's a top enforcement priority.

If your startup is under attack and you need counsel, get in touch today. We can help.

ICOs have prevailed against the SEC and class actions. Let's talk about your options and chances.

Securities: The Howey Test and ICO Litigation

In 1946, the Supreme Court devised a framework for determining if a financial opportunity qualifies as a security. Named after the case - Securities and Exchange Commission v. W. J. Howey Co. - the Howey Test consists of four questions:

  1. Did a party invest money?
  2. Does the investment vehicle qualify as a "common enterprise" under SEC regulations?
  3. Do investors expect to profit from the investment?
  4. Does profitability rely on the seller's efforts?

ICO Litigation: News and Views

ICO Law: Lawsuits over SEC Advice

ICOs Sue Law Firms Over SEC Advice

An ICO is suing its law firm over advice that invited SEC trouble. Is it a valid case? Can you do the same? Will these cases withstand court scrutiny?

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ICO Law: Regulation A+ for Your ICO?

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission qualified two crypto-token offerings under Regulation A+. Would your startup qualify?

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Lawsuit Could Hamstring the Entire US ICO Market

The SEC sued Kik. It's a financial securities law inflection point. The case will impact how “common enterprise" is defined when in comes to crypto.

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ICO Law topic: class action lawsuit example

Deconstructing an ICO Class Action

Initial coin offerings are becoming more popular. As a result, ICO lawsuits are also on the rise. In this post, we go over a typical ICO lawsuit.

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ICO Law: Clayton clarifies howey test use

SEC Chairman Sets The Record Straight on ICOs

The chairmen of the Securities and Exchange Commission made it clear that the agency uses the Howey test to determine if an ICO is a security.

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ICO Law: Is my ICO a security Howey Test

Howey Test: Figuring Out If Your Token Is A Security

The Howey Test is the standard judges use to determine if an ICO qualifies as a security under SEC rules. Click for a plain-English overview of the rule.

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