International Crypto Tax Force Hunting Evaders and Money Launderers

Dec 12, 2019

picture to accompany article about international crypto tax evasion task force

IRS representatives met with tax authorities from the U.K., Australia, Canada, and the Netherlands. Together, they identified “dozens” of potential cryptocurrency tax evaders and cyber criminals. The international cabal is the Joint Chiefs of Global Tax Enforcement, and it wants to curb cross-border money-laundering and tax crime.

The IRS Can Now See “Who is Moving the Money and Where it’s Going”

Bound by common goals, the group shares tools, data, and strategies to catch tax cheats and fraudsters. Ryan Korner, an IRS criminal investigation agent, recently told reporters that the agency now has new “tools in place” that allow the joint chiefs to see “who is moving the money and where it’s going.”

In a statement, the international tax enforcement task force explained:

“Tax fraud is not a new crime, but the sophistication with which criminals commit tax fraud has significantly increased through cyber-related activities in recent years. Data breaches, intrusions, takeovers and compromises are the new tools that criminals use to commit tax crimes.”

IRS on the Hunt for Delinquent Crypto Taxes and Token Money-Laundering Operations

News of the task force comes in the wake of Revenue Ruling 24-2019, which addressed several cryptocurrency tax issues involving forks, charitable giving, and calculations. Additionally, earlier in the year, the IRS sent over 10,000 letters to people suspected of crypto-related tax discrepancies.

Right now, the IRS is hyper-focused on cryptocurrency issues. It’s hired experts, formed task forces, and is actively working with other countries to identify and audit token investors. If you haven’t yet reported cryptocurrency gains, the time to do so was yesterday.

Contact the IRS about Crypto Tax Oversights Before They Contact You

It’s infinitely better to disclose crypto filing omissions to the IRS before they contact you. Moreover, since everyone is just starting to wrap their regulatory heads around token tax issues, authorities are more likely to forgive taxpayers that make a good-faith effort to correct past mistakes. The longer you wait, the less friendly they’ll be.

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