Don’t Fall For IRS Scam Calls and Other Consumer Scams!

Feb 10, 2020

IRS scams picture accompaniment The Federal Trade Commission issued a reminder about IRS scam calls. Every year, the commission analyzes millions of consumer complaints. Here’s a list of scams of which to be aware.

IRS Imposters

If you receive a random phone call saying you have IRS problems, it’s likely a fraud. Unless you already have a case open with the Internal Revenue Service, the agency will send you a letter, not call or text. If you do receive one of these scam tax calls, report it.

It used to be the case that the IRS would never call you by phone to collect on any debts, but they have recently hired third party collections agencies that do make phone calls. This makes it harder than ever to tell a legitimate call from a scam one. If you think you may have tax problems to work out with authorities, get in touch with a reputable tax law attorney.

Social Security Scams

Another common scam involves social security benefits. Like the IRS, the Social Security Administration communicates with beneficiaries through regular mail and their website. Thousands of people have lost millions of dollars on account of social security fraudsters. Don’t be one of them!

Phone Calls, Text Messages, and Pop-Ups

The Federal Trade Commission says most scammers use phone calls, text messages, and pop-ups. Many people think they would be able to spot a scam from a mile away, but the opposite is often true. If you’re targeted, do not give any of your personal information away because of a phone call, email, text message, or pop-up. Instead, call a reputable lawyer who will be able to determine if you genuinely need to contact authorities or if the message was generated by someone looking to steal.

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