Online Business Defamation

We have extensive experience assisting people and companies with online brand protection. Under the right circumstances, we can put a stop to:

  • Phishing
  • Fake Blogs
  • Fake Professional Reviews
  • Fake Product Reviews
  • Fake News Articles
  • Fake Press Releases
  • Online Identity Theft
  • Improper Use of Brand Names
  • The Sale of Counterfeit Products
  • Protected Brand Names Used Within Domains
  • Paid Search Campaigns Using Protected Terms
  • Using Social Media to Portray Being a Part of Your Brand

Our Internet law team can monitor your brand online, stop illegitimate activities, and develop preventative strategies for digital intellectual property theft.

We’ve spent years immersed in the online business world, and our team members understand the ins-and-outs of domain disputes, social media legal issues, and other Internet laws.

Online Business Defamation

Our team also advocates on behalf of businesses being unfairly maligned by online reviews. Yes, it is perfectly legal to publish negative reviews, but lying crosses the legal line. If someone has lied about your business online, and it’s causing material damage, we can help rectify the situation. Our Internet defamation law practice has helped countless affiliates, brands, and individuals reclaim their good names.

We also work with people who have been unfairly accused of online defamation.

Review fraud is another problem faced by many affiliate marketers. You’d be surprised at how many people buy fake reviews to smear competitors. Completely fake reviews, elicited to purposefully case reputational damage fly in the face of both marketing and defamation laws. If you’re a victim of this type of harassment, let us know, and we’ll solve the problem.

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