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"Absolutely top notch from top to bottom. Dealing with Andrew, Aaron, and Michael is an absolute pleasure. Doing online business can be tricky, and at times overwhelming to navigate, but with these guys there is a huge sense of relief and comfort. Thanks for years of top notch communication and help!" ~Kyle D.

South Dakota v. Wayfair

South Dakota V. Wayfair: Major E-commerce Ruling

In a nail-biter 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court of the United States, using South Dakota v. Wayfair, overturned a quarter-century-old precedent that said states could only collect sales and use tax from businesses with an in-state physical presence. The principle was commonly known as a “nexus” standard. But the e-commerce age ushered in new realities. Read More

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legalities of paid amazon reviews

Amazon Paid Reviews: Against The Rules or A-OK?

Are Amazon paid reviews still a thing? The company insists that 99% of user reviews come from uncompensated shoppers. But a recent Washington Post expose implies that Amazon’s fake review fortress may be a digital Potemkin Village. Amazon Paid Reviews: A Brief History In the not too distant past, after acknowledging “an unhealthy ecosystem […] Read More

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Internet Law: GDPR and Facebook Migration

Facebook's Sudden Data Migration: What's It Mean?

Well, well, well — if reports prove accurate, it looks like Facebook may be absconding with some data before the GDPR hammer lands next month. It’s a bold move considering that Mark Zuckerberg recently spent several days administering mea culpas to federal lawmakers. Facebook’s Latest Faux Pas? According to reports, Facebook is transferring profile data Read More

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ecommerce law: legal myths debunked

Three E-commerce Legal Myths Debunked

Contracts and agreements are a huge part of the e-commerce ecosystem. And despite the commonly accepted wisdom that we should never sign on the dotted line without first reading a document, most folks click “I agree” without reading a single word. Which raises a question: Is it legal to jam e-commerce terms with outrageous clauses Read More

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Marketing Advertising Law

Marketing and advertising laws do apply! And the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) does a comprehensive job of ensuring the country’s companies — and any brand that advertises to U.S. citizens — follow the rules. The Federal Trade Commission Is The Country’s Main Marketing and Advertising Rules Enforcer   The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the Read More

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Internet Law

Internet law — a.k.a., regulations and statutes that govern online business, marketing, promotions, and communications — is of one Gordon Law’s core competencies. Our team of attorneys, accountants, and professionals helps startups, e-commerce outfits, affiliate networks, and businesses with an online presence comply with state, federal, and international rules — in the most profitable manner. Read More

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Online Privacy Law: Twitter Grindr Ad Platform Suspension

Twitter Swiped Left on Grindr’s Privacy Policy

Twitter suspended mobile dating app Grindr from its ad platform after the Norwegian Consumer Council (NCC) accused the app of allegedly passing private user data to advertisers without proper consent, breaking GDPR rules. Watchdog Investigation Gets Grindr Booted Off Twitter Ad Platform Over Privacy Concerns The NCC examined 10 apps and found Grindr especially problematic. Read More

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