Our Illinois Lawyers Can Help Small Businesses Leverage the New Tax Code And Save

Business publications are begging small companies to work with tax professionals this year. Even though many deductions and credits have disappeared, new options abound. Small Business Tax Tips: Top Three Deductions That Went Away Under the New Tax Code Let’s look at the eliminated tax deductions and credits that will likely affect small businesses. Employers […]

Art Collection Law: Tax Strategy Solution for Like-Kind Elimination

For decades, art collectors relied on “like-kind exchanges” to temper tax obligations. Unfortunately, lawmakers scrubbed them from the new tax code.  But all is not lost. Recently, Art News suggested substituting the new “Opportunity Zone” program as a tax strategy. We also think the idea is worth considering. Let’s take a look. Art Collector Tax […]

It’s 100% True: The IRS Is Laser Focused On Crypto Gains

Industry Research: Many Cryptocurrency Investors Are Likely Trying To Hide Gains From The IRS Market strategy and sector research firm Fundstrat says the cryptocurrency market is soaring. A recent report from the firm explained: “[E]stimated cryptocurrency-related U.S. tax liabilities [are] at $25 billion. That is based on approximately $92 billion of taxable gains for U.S. […]

Cryptocurrency Law

Cryptocurrency Lawyer | Blockchain and Web3 Lawyer Get a proven cryptocurrency lawyer on your side Our industry-leading firm has focused on cryptocurrency law since 2014. We’ve worked with a wide range of crypto and Web3 startups, providing clear guidance through murky legal waters. We even accept payments in BTC and ETH! Contact Gordon Law Group […]

Help! The IRS Suspended My Passport Over Unpaid Taxes!

You may have trouble obtaining or renewing a passport if you owe federal taxes. But fear not, we have solutions. Pull up a chair for five minutes; let’s review the issue. IRS Can Deny or Suspend Your Passport? The Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act includes a provision that allows the federal government to deny […]

Why Aren’t You Using the R&D Tax Credit? Yes, You!

It’s now possible for more businesses to use the R&D tax credit. What is the Research and Development Tax Credit? Businesses can use the research and development tax credit for…well…research and development. For decades, large corporations have leveraged it to lob millions off their tax bills. Analysts estimate that it saves American companies about $10 […]