The SEC's Crypto Crackdown

How to Avoid SEC Pitfalls & Protect Your Business

Michael Brandwein - Chicago Business Attorney

Hosted by Michael Brandwein, Senior Attorney 

What You'll Learn

What Are Securities?

Using the 4-point Howey Test to determine whether your token is a security

Who Needs to Register with the SEC?

How to determine if your business needs to register with the SEC

SEC Rules, Regulations, & Penalties

What Ripple, BlockFi, and Coinbase teach us about SEC rules

How To Avoid SEC Penalties

Learn what you need to do to prevent multi-million-dollar penalties!

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Meet The Host

Michael Brandwein is a Senior Attorney at Gordon Law Group focusing on tax law, business law, and the intersection of the two.

He’s helped countless clients create, operate, and sell their businesses in a way that maximizes tax savings and paves the way for long-term financial success.