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Social media is now a massive part of our lives - so much so that it's spawned a new marketplace. And companies that traffic in the space are subject to local, state, federal, and international regulations. Our law firm helps influencers, brands, and other marketing businesses navigate the social media compliance, contract, and regulatory waters.

Legal Consultations for Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers must adhere to many FDA and FTC promotional rules. They also need to worry about reporting earnings accurately and protecting valuable intellectual property. Our team of social media influencer agents will make sure you're legally protected and best-positioned for profit.

Social Media Law Areas

Social media law involves several practice areas, including (but not limited to):

We Also Work With "Kidfluencer" Teams and Families

Children are amongst the most sought-after YouTube and Instagram social media influencers. But what a lot of "kidfluencer" teams don't know is that working with minors presents an additional set of legalities with which to comply. We'll review your operation and ensure you're accommodating all promotional and labor regulations.

Our Social Media Consultancy

The Gordon Law Group regularly works with individuals, brands, families, and marketing companies on social media law issues.

Our social media legal team:

Social Media Law Blog: News, Views and Legal Insight

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What Influencers and Marketers Need to Know

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Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin added his two tokens to the conversation about Facebook's LIBRA, which triggered some market fluctuation.

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The FTC let Zuck Off the Hook

After the 16-month investigation, the FTC and Facebook have reached a $5-billion-dollar deal. Interestingly, the FTC decided not to blame Zuckerberg.

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Is it illegal to buy fake likes? The answer now is "yes," and Facebook is suing a company for engaging in the practice. Click for "like" legalities.

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Social Media Law: Influencer Marketing Rules

TINA Files Influencer Complaints with FTC

Truth in Advertising is on the hunt for social media influencers who aren't following FTC regulations. Jump in to learn about the sting and rules.

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