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Fyre Festival Influencers Land Themselves a Lawsuit
In Fyre’s calamitous wake, trustees are clawing back money that Billy McFarland and crew sunk into [...]
Self-Employment Tax Tips: Paying Quarterly Taxes
Generally, people who earn over $12,000 a year must pay taxes, and self-employed people might need t [...]
The Legal Consequences of Trafficking in Fake Likes and Follows
It’s a jungle out there. With marketing saturation at peak capacity, gaining exposure — whether [...]
ecommerce law: legal myths debunked
3 Ecommerce Legal Myths Debunked
Contracts and agreements are a huge part of the e-commerce ecosystem. And despite the commonly accep [...]
E-commerce Law: Paid and Fake Reviews
The Legal Low Down on Paid Reviews
The e-commerce market is fueled by consumer reviews. Reportedly, 90 percent of shoppers consume feed [...]
Social Media Law: Influencer Marketing Rules
Social Media Law: TINA Files another Round of Instagram Influencer Complaints with the FTC
Non-profit watchdog Truth in Advertising (TINA) filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission [...]
Unfair and Deceptive marketing case: Shire
Unfair and Deceptive Marketing: A Shift Away From Federal Hearings?
The Third Circuit Court of Appeals made a decision that will affect “past conduct” cases current [...]
Kidfluencer legal issues
Kidfluencer Legal Considerations: What Every Parent and Manager Needs To Know
“Kidfluencers” are the new supermodels. Brands, from Crayola to Carnival Cruises, are courting y [...]
Internet Law: Social Media Buying Followers
Buying Social Media Followers Could Land You in Legal Trouble
Thinking of buying social media followers? May we, a group of social media lawyers, offer some guida [...]