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Fyre Festival Influencers Land Themselves a Lawsuit
In Fyre’s calamitous wake, trustees are clawing back money that Billy McFarland and crew sunk into [...]
The FTC let Zuck Off the Hook
Facebook’s legal tango with the FTC has come to an end, for now. After the 16-month investigat [...]
The Law v. FaZe Clan: A Look at the Esports’ Organization’s Recent Legal Headaches
FaZe Clan — the high-profile esports organization — is currently riding a rough legal wave. One [...]
Legal Warning: The SEC is Scrutinizing Crypto Multi-Level-Marketing Companies
Did a crypto-backed, multi-level-marketing company abscond with millions of dollars? According to th [...]
A New Lawsuit Could Hamstring the Entire US ICO Market
After a warning, the SEC sued Kik, and the suit is shaping up to be a financial securities law infle [...]
Esports Legal Lessons from the Tfue v. Faze Clan Conflict
A popular professional e-sports athlete is suing his organization over contract disagreements. Are t [...]
crowdfunding law
Crowdfunding Lawsuit: An Important Reminder About Crowdfunding Fraud
Several months ago, we blogged about a Federal Trade Commission investigation into a crowdfunded pro [...]
Internet Law: Facebook FTC Fine
Could Your Business Survive An FTC Online Privacy Fine?
Did you hear the news about Facebook’s five-billion-dollar footnote? The tech giant recently discl [...]
e-commerce law topic: fictitious pricing
Ecommerce Law: Can You Be Sued For “Fictitious Pricing” Perpetual Sales?
Sales are a staple of the e-commerce ecosystem, but rules do apply. For example: Perpetually adverti [...]