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ICO Law topic: class action lawsuit example
ICO Litigation: Deconstructing an ICO Class Action
ICO litigation is on the rise. To help businesses better understand these cases and how authorities [...]
crypto law topic: illegal mining
Cryptocurrency Mining Law: Illegal Mining in Hong Kong Can Lead To Jail
Between 2017 and 2018, Hong Kong was home to the highest number of ICOs. But due to the “token [...]
Offshore Incorporation Considerations
Offshore Business Formation: Three Critical Considerations
You’re in startup mode and contemplating offshore incorporation. What should you consider? Let’s [...]
ICO Law: Clayton clarifies howey test use
SEC Chairman Sets The Record Straight on ICOs
SEC chairman Jay Clayton made it clear: Use the “Howey Test” to determine if an ICO qualifies as [...]
ICO Law: Is my ICO a security Howey Test
ICO Law: The Howey Test and How To Figure Out If Your Token Is A Security
We’re ICO lawyers who help businesses and startups with domestic and international fintech com [...]
ICO Law: Blockvest Reversal
Are All ICOs Securities According to the SEC? A New Ruling May Answer That Question.
The Honorable Gonzalo Curiel reversed his ruling in the Blockvest ICO case. Though unexpected, indus [...]
Tax Law: Small Business Tips
Our Illinois Lawyers Can Help Small Businesses Leverage the New Tax Code And Save
Business publications are begging small companies to work with tax professionals this year. Even tho [...]
ICO Law: SEC lost in court
SEC Lost In ICO Lawsuit: Overview and Legal Help
Think the SEC is unbeatable? Think again. A California judge just ruled in favor of an ICO over the [...]
SEC crypto marketing rules
Floyd Mayweather and DJ Khaled Slapped for Undisclosed Sponsored Content
Legal Tip: If you get paid to promote something on social media, you MUST disclose this arrangement [...]