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Cryptocurrency Law: SEC update
Blockchain and Crypto Law Update: SEC Hunting and An Ignored Opportunity?
Yes, the crypto market has been a roller coaster; speculation is flying, but we remain confident tha [...]
Tax Law: Illinois Investment Opportunity
Investment Law News: Incredible Illinois Investment Opportunity
The Treasury Department released more information about the “Opportunity Zone” project. Lawmaker [...]
Cryptocurrency Law: New blockchain bills being introduced
Pro-Crypto Congressman Releases Three New Blockchain Bills
United States Representative Tom Emmer of Minnesota is the force behind three blockchain bills headi [...]
Cryptocurrency Law: New French crypto-friendly regulations
International Cryptocurrency Update: France Is Courting Crypto, Too!
Attention cryptocurrency investors and ICOs: France is courting your consideration. As enticement, l [...]
international crypto options
International Blockchain Law: Fintech-Friendly Liechtenstein
Europe’s fourth smallest nation, Liechtenstein, is angling for a big piece of the international bl [...]
ICO airdrop legalities
ICO Airdrops and Securities Law: An Overview
ICO airdrops are the latest crypto craze. What are they? What are the legal implications? Let’s di [...]
Chicago Lawyer Blog: Ripple Class Action Explained
Cryptocurrency Lawyer Talks Latest Ripple Class Action
Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse said it bluntly at a recent fintech conference: “Let̵ [...]
Cryptocurrency Investment Lawyer
Cryptocurrency Compliance: Regulators Indicate That Investor-Class Crypto Coin Isn’t A Security
Financial regulators in New York approved Stellar Lumens for trading on the itBit exchange. Stellar [...]
cryptocurrency law: FBAR considerations
Cryptocurrency and FBAR: Must You Declare Crypto Holdings On Foreign Exchanges?
Cryptocurrency and FBAR: What are the rules? Must you declare token holdings on FBAR filings? Let’ [...]