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5 Clean Energy Tax Saving Tips
5 Clean Energy Tax Saving Tips
You can lower your annual taxes today with a few changes around your home by taking advantage of the [...]
IRS Tax Penalties
IRS Tax Penalties
Tax penalties can lead to many sleepless nights for taxpayers who owe the Internal Revenue Service ( [...]
What is the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty?
The Trust Fund Recovery Penalty (TFRP) allows the IRS or a state tax board* to hold individuals pers [...]
Top 5 Advantages of an LLC - Should You Form an LLC?
Top 5 LLC Advantages for Your Business
You should consider forming an LLC if you want to save on taxes and gain added protection for your p [...]
Startup law: 5 tips for smartly setting up your startup
5 Legal Considerations for Your Illinois Startup
It’s time to get your Illinois startup off the ground. So let’s look at five legal consideration [...]
Illinois Lures Data-Tech Companies with Bold New Tax Incentive
Officials hope that a new Illinois business tax program will lure data-tech companies to the state. [...]
Don’t Be A Fool! Take Advantage of the Illinois Tax Amnesty Program!
Have you heard about the Illinois tax amnesty program? If you haven’t paid Illinois State taxes ov [...]
Tax Law: Small Business Tips
Our Illinois Lawyers Can Help Small Businesses Leverage the New Tax Code And Save
Business publications are begging small companies to work with tax professionals this year. Even tho [...]
Startup Law: Business Formation
Chicago Startup Law: Choosing The Best Legal Structure
You’ve molded your idea into a product or service. Now it’s time to make things legit. Next step [...]