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Self-Employment Tax Tips: Paying Quarterly Taxes
Generally, people who earn over $12,000 a year must pay taxes, and self-employed people might need t [...]
Tax Saving Method for Small Businesses and Freelancers: Take S-Corp Distributions Instead of Large Salaries
Many freelancers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs are leaving a lucrative tax strategy on t [...]
Don’t Be A Fool! Take Advantage of the Illinois Tax Amnesty Program!
Have you heard about the Illinois tax amnesty program? If you haven’t paid Illinois State taxes ov [...]
Esports Law Topic: Labor Law Considerations for teams and athletes
Labor Law Considerations for Esports Teams and Athletes
Analysts predict that esports will be a $1.7 billion industry by 2021; but as revenues rise, so do l [...]
last minute tax tips
Last Minute Tax Tips and Help
Time is running out to get your taxes done! But last minute is leagues better than late! If you’re [...]
Tax Law: Depreciation Deductions
Tax Law: Depreciation Write Offs To Lower Your Taxable Income
Are you a small business looking to save money on taxes? Let’s take a look at some depreciation wr [...]
Kidfluencer legal issues
Kidfluencer Legal Considerations: What Every Parent and Manager Needs To Know
“Kidfluencers” are the new supermodels. Brands, from Crayola to Carnival Cruises, are courting y [...]
Tax Law: Small Business Tips
Our Illinois Lawyers Can Help Small Businesses Leverage the New Tax Code And Save
Business publications are begging small companies to work with tax professionals this year. Even tho [...]
Tax Law: Tips for Etsy Sellers
Tax Advice For Etsy Entrepreneurs: Will The IRS Now Consider You A Hobbyist And Demand More Money?
Here’s a hard truth, Etsy Entrepreneurs: The Tax Cut and Jobs Act isn’t your best friend. Under [...]