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What is the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty?
The Trust Fund Recovery Penalty (TFRP) allows the IRS or a state tax board* to hold individuals pers [...]
COVID-19 Tax Debt Relief - IRS Expands Tax Debt Relief Options - Coronavirus Economic Hardship
COVID-19 Tax Debt Relief: IRS Expands Options for Back Taxes

If your IRS debt is overwhelming, you now have more options than ever.

Tax Law: Tax Resolution Service
Tax Lawyer v. Tax Resolution Service
Every time you turn on the television, there’s a 97.2 percent chance you’ll sit through a commer [...]
Chicago Lawyer Blog: Innocent Spousal Relief for Taxes
Dear Chicago Tax Lawyer: Divorce Help! Innocent Spouse Relief
Dear Chicago Tax Lawyer, I am in the midst of a divorce and have some tax-related questions. Specifi [...]