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Move Here To Save Big On Crypto Taxes
How do some token traders compliantly shelter their gains from the taxman? A common way is to move s [...]
You’ve Been Warned: The IRS Is On The Hunt for Crypto Tax Evaders
Gary “Silk Road Sheriff” Alford was instrumental in catching online drug cartel kingpin Ross Ulb [...]
Crypto law topic: FBAR and FACTA
Are Cryptocurrencies Foreign Assets Subject to FACTA and FBAR?
People often ask: Do Bitcoin and other digital tokens qualify as foreign assets under U.S. law? Answ [...]
crypto law topic: illegal mining
Cryptocurrency Mining Law: Illegal Mining in Hong Kong Can Lead To Jail
Between 2017 and 2018, Hong Kong was home to the highest number of ICOs. But due to the “token [...]
Cryptocurrency law: G20 crypto tax declaration
Is An International Crypto Tax Standard On The Way? It Looks That Way.
The majority of media outlets focused on the “palace intrigue” of this year’s G20 in Argentina [...]
Crypto Lawyer: ICO Tips
Quick Tips From An ICO Lawyer
Contemplating an initial coin offering? Digging for some ICO lawyer tips? Well then, you’ve landed [...]
Cryptocurrency Law: FinCen Regulations
Is FinCen About To Unveil Some More Cryptocurrency Regulations?
Kenneth A. Blanco, director of the US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCen), recently insinu [...]
international crypto options
International Blockchain Law: Fintech-Friendly Liechtenstein
Europe’s fourth smallest nation, Liechtenstein, is angling for a big piece of the international bl [...]
offshore cryptocurrency options
Offshore Crypto Havens: Malta and Bermuda May Save You Millions
Token investors and ICOs are on the hunt for crypto-friendly jurisdictions. They’re asking: I don [...]