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Move Here To Save Big On Crypto Taxes
How do some token traders compliantly shelter their gains from the taxman? A common way is to move s [...]
FBAR Law: Doctor Possibly Dinged Millions Over POA Misunderstanding
Here’s another reminder to people with foreign bank accounts and holdings: Submitting FBAR paperwo [...]
FBAR Defense: “I Didn’t Know” Usually Doesn’t Work
A former pharmaceutical CEO must fork over nearly seven figures for failing to comply with FBAR regu [...]
Crypto law topic: FBAR and FACTA
Are Cryptocurrencies Foreign Assets Subject to FACTA and FBAR?
People often ask: Do Bitcoin and other digital tokens qualify as foreign assets under U.S. law? Answ [...]
crypto law topic: illegal mining
Cryptocurrency Mining Law: Illegal Mining in Hong Kong Can Lead To Jail
Between 2017 and 2018, Hong Kong was home to the highest number of ICOs. But due to the “token [...]
Offshore Incorporation Considerations
Offshore Business Formation: Three Critical Considerations
You’re in startup mode and contemplating offshore incorporation. What should you consider? Let’s [...]
FBAR Law: What happens when you don't comply
FBAR Case Law: A Cautionary Tale About Not Reporting Offshore Accounts To the IRS
Gather round ye taxpayers with offshore banking and investment accounts! Here’s a cautionary tale [...]
FBAR Law: work signatories
You May Need To File FBAR Paperwork This Tax Season
If you have signatory authority for an overseas, employer-owned account and have yet to submit FBAR [...]
Tax Law: FACTA US Canada bank account sharing agreement
FATCA: Canada May Have Just Handed Over All Your Bank Info To Uncle Sam
The IRS and Canadian Revenue Agency are teaming up. In fact, the later just sent the former identify [...]