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FBAR Law: What happens when you don't comply
FBAR Case Law: A Cautionary Tale About Not Reporting Offshore Accounts To the IRS
Gather round ye taxpayers with offshore banking and investment accounts! Here’s a cautionary tale [...]
Tax Law: FACTA US Canada bank account sharing agreement
FATCA: Canada May Have Just Handed Over All Your Bank Info To Uncle Sam
The IRS and Canadian Revenue Agency are teaming up. In fact, the later just sent the former identify [...]
Failing To Report Overseas Accounts Can Lead To Criminal Charges. These Are The Rules.
On September 28, 2018, the federal government closed down the “Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Progr [...]
IRS News: Usinf Social Media to Track Down Tax Evaders
Tax Law: IRS Will Scour Social Media To Catch Tax Evaders
If you’ve failed to report side business income on your tax returns, it’s time to review your so [...]
Tax Law: Fraud and Jail
Illinois Tax Fraud Law: Can I Go To Jail For Not Paying Taxes?
Can I go to jail for not paying taxes? It’s a question we field constantly. The answer: In some in [...]
Tax and Cryptocurrency Law: IRS Investigations
It’s 100% True: The IRS Is Laser Focused On Crypto Gains
Industry Research: Many Cryptocurrency Investors Are Likely Trying To Hide Gains From The IRS Market [...]
Illinois tax lawyer: OVDP deadline
OVDP Deadline In One Week! Comply or Risk Prison
The OVDP Deadline You have about one more week to avail yourself of the Offshore Voluntary Disclosur [...]
Lawyer Blog: FBAR
FBAR Violation Standards: Willfulness and a Preponderance of Evidence
What is FBAR? U.S. taxpayers with overseas accounts that cumulatively equal or exceed $10,000 at any [...]
Chicago Lawyer: Audit Appeals
Protesting IRS Audit Results: IRS Appeal
Do you disagree with your IRS income tax audit results? Good news: You can protest — a.k.a, submit [...]