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Opportunity Zone Tax Law: Can Cannabis companies use the program?
Cannabis Companies and the Opportunity Zone Program: What’s the Deal?
Investors love the new Opportunity Zone (OZ) program, which allows for the diversion of capital gain [...]
Self-Employment Tax Tips: Paying Quarterly Taxes
Generally, people who earn over $12,000 a year must pay taxes, and self-employed people might need t [...]
Move Here To Save Big On Crypto Taxes
How do some token traders compliantly shelter their gains from the taxman? A common way is to move s [...]
Why Aren’t You Using the R&D Tax Credit? Yes, You!
It’s now possible for more businesses to use the R&D tax credit. What is the Research and [...]
Tax Saving Method for Small Businesses and Freelancers: Take S-Corp Distributions Instead of Large Salaries
Many freelancers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs are leaving a lucrative tax strategy on t [...]
Here’s How To Eradicate Capital Gains Tax Burden: OZ Program
Have you heard about the new way to eliminate capital gains taxes while helping under-served communi [...]
Chicago Law Blog: Startup Tax Deduction Strategy
Tax Strategies: Start-up Employees May Be Massively Overpaying Their Taxes
The majority of start-up employees are overpaying taxes by not correctly applying the qualified smal [...]
last minute tax tips
Last Minute Tax Tips and Help
Time is running out to get your taxes done! But last minute is leagues better than late! If you’re [...]
Offshore Incorporation Considerations
Offshore Business Formation: Three Critical Considerations
You’re in startup mode and contemplating offshore incorporation. What should you consider? Let’s [...]