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Chicago Business Lawyer
Online Business Law: What You Need To Know About The Consumer Review Fairness Act
Two years after lawmakers green lit the Consumer Review Fairness Act, FTC commissioners are using it [...]
Marketing Lawyer
Influencer Marketing Legal Tips
Influencer Marketing 101 As a matter of provable fact, the average person is clobbered with over 10, [...]
Chicago Lawyer Blog: FTC online marketing scam bust
FTC Defense Law: Brand Busted For “Free Trial” Payment Scam
Attention affiliate marketers: The Federal Trade Commission busted another company for advertising [...]
Unfair and deceptive marketing FTC bust
Ecommerce Law News: FTC Busts Company For “Unfair and Deceptive” Marketing
Need a reminder to ditch “unfair and deceptive” marketing tactics? If so, here’s one: The Fede [...]