Tax Audit Defense

Audits happen, and when they do, you want an experienced tax lawyer representing your best interests. Our tax attorneys will make the audit process as clear, simple, and painless as possible and fight tirelessly for your best results.

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3 easy steps to audit relief

  1. Schedule a confidential consultation with our audit defense attorneys

  2. Develop a custom plan for your unique situation

  3. We review and present your documents and negotiate with the IRS on your behalf

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Proven tax audit defense attorneys

The moment you receive notice of an IRS or Illinois state audit, call the tax audit defense team at Gordon Law Group.

We’ll assist you in the entire tax audit process, from handling all communications with your audit examiner to negotiating your lowest collectible balance. We provide clear, effective guidance to end the stress and get you safely to the other side. If needed, we’re also licensed in the US Tax Court, meaning that we can appeal your audit to the highest levels.

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Do I really need a tax audit defense lawyer?

Many clients fear that hiring an audit attorney will make them look guilty, but in fact, it’s crucial to secure your tax audit defense as soon as possible—even if you’ve done nothing wrong. The IRS’s goal is to collect revenue; you need a strong negotiator on your side to ensure your final collection amount is correct and fair.

Our experienced tax attorneys can quickly pinpoint any errors in your tax returns, advise you on the best path, and negotiate with the IRS on your behalf to minimize tax bills and penalties. With Gordon Law Group, you don’t need to speak to an audit examiner at all; we take care of the headaches so you can get back to living your life.

Tax attorneys with an accounting edge

Our team includes experienced tax lawyers and CPAs, so we’re fully equipped to handle all aspects of your tax audit defense. 

And if you have cryptocurrency or foreign assets that need to be accounted for, you can rest assured knowing that our experience in these often-misunderstood fields is second to none.