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Click for more info 1% of taxpayers are audited by the IRS. Although this seems minute, this amounts to over 1.5 million people each year. IRS tax audits occur when the IRS locates an error or inaccuracy in a tax return. The IRS may require you to make changes to your account or provide more information about the filed tax return.


Click for more info Article 1 of the Constitution ensures taxpayers have the right to resolve tax issues in court. Taxpayers have the option to dispute tax issues when they receive a Notice of Deficiency, liens, levies, denial of innocent spouse release, an offer in compromise, installment agreements, international tax audits and more!

Tax Case Studies

Issue: Client came to the Gordon Law Group having not filed any tax returns since 2006.

Resolution: Gordon Law Group completed all tax returns necessary. Our Firm acted as the clients Power of Attorney and represented him before the IRS. We assisted the client by drafting and negotiating an Installment Agreement with the IRS for $150 per month and stopped any and all collection activity to ensure the client can return to his day-to-day lifestyle.

Issue: Client had over $100,000 worth of tax liability and several unfiled tax returns. The Client was a professional who did not want the IRS to publish the debt against him.

Resolution: Gordon Law successfully negotiated, presented evidence, and effectively worked with the IRS to enter the client into an installment agreement. No lien was ever filed against the client.

Issue: Client came to Gordon Law after the Illinois Department of Revenue placed a hold on his business account because of tax liabilities incurred by a business his ex-wife had previously been a minority owner in.

Resolution: Gordon Law was able to temporarily remove the hold on the account and request a hearing to resolve the issue giving the client access to his funds. After hard negotiation, Illinois eventually dismissed the suit trying to name him liable for the taxes and the client’s name was cleared from all debt incurred by his ex-wife.

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